Education is not something that one can give to another or somebody 

has to acquire from someone else. It is like the blossom of a bud. 

Something becomes perfect and perfect within. Unless and until the 

bud itself decides to open and expand its petals, it remains as a bud. 

It is the realization of its being, utilizing text (curriculum) and 

context (environment) which may be varying from place to place. But 

the inner being will be the same. As the context changes, the perfection,

 colour, fragrance and time duration of blossom all may vary.

It is the same with the education. It is the human intellect that 

blossoms from perfection to perfection. If the intellect is not made 

to be expanded, it remains as small and imperfect as it was. The school,

 society, teachers, friends all constitute the context. However, the 

intellect is the bud that has to blossom utilizing the text and the context.

 As John Dewwy says, “Education is not a preparation of life; education is 

life itself.” Hence, dear students, you are the bud which must blossom with

 the best fragrance, colour and beauty. Sacred Heart CMI Public School, 

Perinthalamannais being the best context; your blossom must be as beautiful 

as possible. Remember the words of Aristotle, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."



Sacred Heart CMI Public School


Fr Jeevan